Health Appraisal

HealthCheck 20/20 Health Appraisal promotes health awareness. Members respond to a series of questions about health, lifestyle and family history. They receive individualized feedback about identified health issues, recommendations for lifestyle changes to improve health and prevent disease, and links to information to help them understand the findings. The Health Appraisal can be used to demonstrate compliance with NCQA's MEM 1 health plan standards.

The Health Appraisal is an online application that allows members to evaluate their current health and lifestyle. Consistent with NCQA's Health Plan Accreditation Standards, the Health Appraisal includes:

  1. Questions on member demographics.
  2. Questions on personal and family health history, including chronic illness and current treatment.
  3. Questions on self-perceived health status.
  4. Questions to identify effective behavioral change strategies.
  5. Questions to identify members with special needs in the areas of hearing impairment, vision impairment and language preference.

Upon completion of the Health Appraisal, a report is generated highlighting areas where the member is doing well and suggesting improvements for risk areas. Links to relevant information are provided. Members are able to print the results. All materials are designed to complement the care provided by physicians and other practitioners.

HealthCheck 20/20 Health Appraisal is an online evidence-based application, ready for immediate implementation. It is a turn-key product. Members access the Health Appraisal through a link on the health plan's website. As a vendor for the Health Appraisal, The Mihalik Group will provide all of the evidence needed for MEM 1 Health Plan Accreditation Standards.

Included with the Health Appraisal application, health plans have:

  • Access to summary reports and executive reports.
  • An easy to use on-line portal.
  • Security of all data gathered and stored in a secure data center.
  • Technical support, as needed.

Member Benefits

The Health Appraisal is confidential and personalized. It may help members identify areas where they may want to focus to improve their health along with personalized information to support their individual health goals.

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